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From the Farm

  • CBD and the Human Body

    How Hemp CBD flower enhances the human endocannabinoid system and terpenes heal the body; the Entourage Effect. Did you know that humans naturally...
  • Craft Cannabis CBD Flower Room Week 2 Pics

    This greenhouse is featuring week two of flower, the first layer of trellis was installed to help train the plants to produce an even canopy and to maximize our greenhouses square footage.
  • “Spectrum” CBD strain bred by Industrial Hemp Farm sprouting.

    Our next batch of CBD hemp seedlings have sprouted and will be transitioned into flower in January. Our farming process is really ramping up with n...
  • Example of world class craft cannabis CBD bud.

    Check out this example of a perfect bud from the last yield harvested for Foxboro Farms CBD products. Even though hundreds of hemp cannabis plants ...
  • 540 Hemp Cannabis plants go into flower

    540 hemp cannabis plants about to go into flower. 
  • CBD Bud - for Oils and Salves

    We grow the hemp cannabis plants with love, so we can enjoy the benefits of the highest quality craft CBD oil and salves in New England.
  • Growing Hemp for Craft CBD Cannabis

    CBD Hemp White CBG 15 Strain sprouting.